What is the most common driving violation?

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What are some common traffic violations?

No driver in the State of Tennessee wants to face traffic charges, no matter how small the issue. In addition to the traffic charges fines, traffic charges can raise your vehicle insurance rates and affect your credit score. 

Tennessee’s DOL (Department of Licensing) does have a point system for traffic rules break, charges and penalties do exist,  and among those penalties include driver’s license revoked or driver’s license suspended for repeat violations like speeding and other unsafe driving exhibitions. Fiver of the traffic charges most common are: 

 1. Texting and Driving

In the State of Tennessee it is illegal to operate a vehicle and use a wireless device or stand-alone electronic device. This includes cell phones or other text-messaging devices, a personal digital assistant or stand-alone computer, or a GPS system. This is a Class C misdemeanor and has a fine between $50 and $200.

2. Seatbelt

In the State of Tennessee a seatbelt must be worn while operating or riding in a moving vehicle. For passengers under the age of four, the driver is responsible for them to be appropriately seat belted or in an appropriate safety seat. This is a Class C misdemeanor traffic charge that comes with a punishment of a minor fine or the driver could be arrested. 

3. Emergency Vehicles

The State of Tennessee has a “Move Over” law that requires drivers to move to the side of the road when an emergency vehicle is approaching with activated lights. This is a Class B Misdemeanor for the first offense, punished by a fine of $100 minimum. A second offense is punished with a minimum fine of $500. A third violation of this type of traffic charge is a Class A misdemeanor with a minimum fine of $1,000.

4. Drunk Driving and Open Container

In the state of Tennessee, there are two state laws and penalties paired together. Driving under the influence of alcohol and to drive with an open container of alcohol. Even with a BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) of .08%.

Violation of these two laws is punished with fines up to $15,000 and time behind bars. Additional fines for vehicle towing or vehicle storage are additional. Penalty is enhanced if a minor is in the vehicle at the time of arrest. 

5. Construction and School Zone Speeding

In Tennessee, traffic charges for a speed clocked at 70 mph or higher is unlawful on any state highway or interstate. In a construction zone or school zone, the penalties start at $250 and can reach up to $500.00. 

What are the worst traffic violations?

Tennessee ranks as the eight state for having the worst drivers, not something any state wants to brag about.  Eighty percent of the drivers in this state are insured, leaving 20% on the road uninsured. The worst traffic charges for Tennessee are uninsured motorists. 

What is the most expensive traffic ticket?

Worldwide, the most expensive traffic ticket was issued in Switzerland for speeding in the amount of 299,000 Swiss francs, approximately $290,000 in American currency. The traffic offense was for doing 35mph over the posted speed limit.  

In comparison, a Tennessee traffic signal break, charges for this Class C Misdemeanor can carry a fine of $50 plus court cost and fees. A 30 day jail time may be imposed in addition to the fine. A speeding ticket fine can be as little as $40 and up to $150, depending on where the violation is and how fast the driver was clocked going. In Tennessee, moving violations like speeding tickets points can add up fast on your driving record, with more than 12 in a year resulting in loss of license. 

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What state has the most traffic fines?

In most states, a speeding ticket is nothing more than a minor annoyance and in others, it can be a significant financial impact. Nebraska wins the contest of having the highest traffic charges, check this fine out: 

  • For speeding in the State of Nebraska of 35 mile per hour over the posted limit, the traffic fine  is $300. If you’re clocked speeding in a construction zone or school zone, that fine is doubled. 
  • In Delaware, a first-time speeding offense will get you a fine as low as $25 and as high as $200. For a second speeding offense, your fine can be as high as $400. North Dakota has a graduated system for traffic charges , starting at a $43 base line then $1 for every mile per hour over 10.
  • In Wisconsin, speeding traffic charges can have you paying as much as $600 and in 
  • Connecticut the base for traffic charges of speeding starts at clocked speeds over 13 mph at $62. Then add in other fees and fines, you’ll end up paying traffic charges of $176.00. 

In the state of Tennessee, if it is possible, how and why charges get dropped by the courts? Yes, it is possible to request and be granted to attend a traffic school course. This will keep the traffic charges for speeding off your state driving record, which will keep the points off too, and the fines are usually waived although you will have to pay for the class. Need traffic bail bonds in Advanced Bail Bond, [nw_data field=state]? Call 901-476-1125 today.

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