Can You Bond Out On a Felony Charge?

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felony bail bonds

How Much is Bail Bond for a Felony?

Felony bail bonds are extremely helpful if a defendant is arrested on felony charges. In the state of Tennessee, the courts will set a defendant’s bail and the bail bond company will post the bond at only ten percent. A co-signer will guarantee the full amount of bail to the bondsman if the defendant does not appear in court for trial. All court appearances are mandatory for the defendant, which is why if the defendant fail to show up to court for court appointments and hearings, a series of punishments will ensue. The least of these is having to pay the full amount of the bail to the court.

Can You Bond Out on a Felony Charge?

As is the case with more serious crimes, the court will take a long hard look at individuals who have been charged with severe crimes. For instance, bail takes longer for domestic violence cases and for crimes that are felonies. After a person has been arrested, a bail hearing will be scheduled to determine if the defendant is a flight risk. If a person is a flight risk it is because the court thinks based upon the defendant’s prior criminal history, that they are a threat to society. If the person could realistically harm the original victim, the witnesses, or the community, they will not likely be released on bail. If the defendant isn’t considered a flight risk, there is a high likelihood that they can bond out of jail.

How Long Do You Stay in Jail if You Can’t Pay Bail?

If a person can’t pay bail then that person will go into what is called “remand detention.” Remand detention is where people await trials. If an individual cannot pay the bail that the court has set, then they will not be released from jail. It is as simple as that. The amount of time that an individual will have to remain in jail will depend on when the court date is set. Defendants may have to remain in jail for months at a time before they see their trial date.

How Much Do I Have to Pay on a $500 Bond?

Generally speaking, the purchase price of a bond is approximately ten percent, or 10%, of the value of the total bond. This means that if an individual is arrested and charged, and needs to pay a bail bondsman, that on a five-hundred-dollar charge they can expect to pay fifty dollars. This percentage amount corresponds to the overall number. That means that for a five-thousand-dollar bond, a friend or family member will need to pay the bail bondsman five-hundred dollars.

Can You Bail Someone Out of Jail Without Money?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to bail someone out of jail without money. Every bail bond comes with a premium that must be paid in order to get the appellant out of jail. It is possible, however, for an individual to bail themselves out of jail provided they use the delayed payment plan until they get out of jail. 

Felony Bail Amount

It is important to consider the different felony bail amounts according to the crime. The felony bail amount will differ based upon the circumstances of the case. Please review the following bullet-pointed list to discover more.

  • Nature and the seriousness of the crime. If the crime is severe, it will affect the conviction and sentencing.
  • The appellant’s prior criminal record. A person with a long and lengthy criminal history will receive a more serious punishment than a first-time offender.
  • The defendant’s mental state, character, and reputation. A person who is considered a paragon of society will receive better treatment from the justice system than a thief and a liar with witnesses to testify against them.
  • Being a danger to society. If a person has committed violent acts or dangerous acts, then it is wholly in the jurisdiction of the court to protect civil society from them. This is done through high bail amounts, and more.

Bail Bonds for Felony

The difference between a felony and a misdemeanor can’t be underestimated. Misdemeanors are usually punishable by more substantial fines and even jail time. However, the jail time punishment is usually less than one year. On the other hand, if an individual is convicted of a felony, their jail time will most likely be served in a federal correctional institution.

Felony Bail

The bail amount for a felony charge can be as low as $1,500 or as high as $50,000. As stipulated previously, the more serious the crime, the more high the bail amount.

felony bail bonds

How Do You Get Out of Jail After Sentencing?

Post-conviction bail is not a federal constitutional right, but it can be made available in select scenarios. These scenarios will be defined by the laws of your particular state. 

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