About Us

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Advanced Bail Bonding is a bail bonds company serving cities and counties in the greater Covington area. We take pride in our ability to provide individuals and families with fast bail bonds. Open 24 hours per day, seven days per week, Advanced Bail Bonding serves local needs at all hours of the day and night. We can help with all manner of bail bonds ranging from small misdemeanors to more significant felonies. Determining if you qualify for a Covington bail bond is simple. Please visit us at our office to speak with someone from our team or call us today at 901-476-1125!

The Benefits of Fast Bail Bonds

Advanced Bail Bonding is a local company and we pride ourselves on our dedication to providing West Covington with fast, affordable, and confidential bail bonds for individuals and families who are unable to post bail themselves. We are passionate about helping people in need. Advanced Bail Bonding is devoted to offering a consistent, reliable bail bond service that allows people who have been arrested to not only spend their time with their loved ones while they await trial, but also continue to work and manage community commitments. Detention while you wait for your day in court can prove extremely damaging for many people and their loved ones.

Unlike many companies in this business, Advanced Bail Bonding does not usually require a cosigner for the distribution of funds and we offer competitive payment plans to get you or your loved ones free as quickly as possible. We take pride in our ability to offer bail bondsmen services while maintaining strict adherence to integrity, reliability, and trustworthiness—all of which are absolutely pivotal when selecting a bail bonding company. If you or a loved one has found yourselves in need of bail in western Covington, contact us today, at 901-476-1125! Our team is ready to help you get through this difficult process.