Weapons Charge Bail

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The Impact of a Weapons Charge

Being arrested on weapons charges is typically treated as a serious crime. Many weapons convictions include consideration for the possibility of causing harm or injury to others, which is always taken more seriously than petty crimes. While the exact nature of weapons violations and the corresponding consequences can vary, it is typically safe to assume that a weapons charge will qualify as at least a misdemeanor. The authorities will not take it lightly. If you or someone close to you has been detained and needs a weapons charge bail in Advanced Bail Bond under weapons charges, contact Advanced Bail Bond today, at 901-476-1125.

Types of Weapons Charges

There are several types of weapons violations that you can be arrested for. These charges include (but are not limited to):

  • Unlawful concealed weapons charges – These charges are typically filed against individuals who are carrying a weapon (loaded or not) without the proper permits or licenses. Although the exact laws vary from state to state, most do require a license to carry a concealed weapon ensuring the public is not exposed to danger.
  • Unlawful possession of loaded weapons charges – These charges are often brought against individuals who have prior criminal records and have been barred from owning weapons—particularly any weapon that is loaded or intended for use (there may be some leeway for weapons without ammunition).
  • Possession while under a disability – Although the title of this charge may immediately conjure the image of an individual with a medical or mental disability, this charge actually refers to an individual who has previously been barred from possessing a weapon. Conditions can include those who have been declared mentally or physically unfit, those with criminal records, or individuals with a history of violence or disorderly conduct.
  • Improper discharge of a firearm – As its name suggests, this charge is brought against people who discharge a firearm without proper protocols in place. This arrest can refer to more severe cases, such as the discharge of a weapon in public or may refer to individuals who discharge a firearm without proper licensing.

Each of these charges varies in severity. Some crimes may specifically relate to individuals who have prior records, while others may be applied to first-time offenders. In any case, a weapons charge is considered a serious matter because weaponry can easily cause damage to people and property.

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Weapons Charge Bail

Although the exact dollar amount of bail for a weapons violation varies significantly, these crimes are rarely considered a lesser crime. Meaning, they may come with a more significant price tag than petty theft or smaller crimes. As with most charges, the detainee’s age, criminal record, and context of the offense will play a role in determining how high (or low) bail is set. If you or someone close to you has been detained on weapons charges bail in Advanced Bail Bond, Advanced Bail Bond may be able to offer assistance. We can help to post bail and speed the possibility of release. Contact us today at 901-476-1125 for more information!