Probation Violation Bail

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Violating Probation

Violating probation is a very real offense whether that violation is intentional or not. Because probation is specifically set to make sure individuals who have committed and been convicted of a crime are dedicated to not repeating the offense, violating probation is viewed as a breach in trust and an unfortunate window into the trajectory of the detainee’s behavior. If you have violated probation or need probation violation bail in Advanced Bail Bond, call Advanced Bail Bond at 901-476-1125 today!

What Is Probation?

Probation is a series of rules and regulations put in place after an individual has been convicted of committing a crime. Depending on the individual’s prior criminal history and other factors, probation is often granted as a sentence instead of jail or prison time, although the probation could be revoked and jail time served if probation is violated. Probation can last for the whole of corrective action or may be accompanied by additional requirements, such as community service. In either case, it is a series of rules outlined to discourage individuals who were arrested from repeating the same mistakes or engaging in further criminal activity. Probation may be enforced via regular check-ins with the authorities and other measures, though most people who are given probation are also assigned probation officers.

How Serious Is Probation Violation?

Probation violations are considered a serious offense, particularly if the violation is done knowingly and flagrantly. There are some instances in which probation violation can occur unintentionally. If, for instance, probation is awarded in conjunction with a restraining order and an individual unknowingly or unintentionally violates the restraining order, the response may be less severe. However, if someone with probation intentionally violates the terms of probation, jail time is likely. In these cases, bail may not be set at all because a detainee has already shown disregard for the law.

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Probation Violation Bail

If a violation of probation was done unintentionally or was done as a first offense, there may the possibility of bail. The amount will be determined based on an array of variables, and there is not necessarily a guaranteed minimum bail amount. To find out whether bail is being set, an individual or family member can contact the arresting precinct or the court. In each case, the option for bail will depend on several variables, including prior arrests, other criminal activity, the intentions of the detainee, and the type of probation violation committed. If you or a loved one needs probation violation bail in Advanced Bail Bond, contact Advanced Bail Bond today at 901-476-1125 for more information.