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Bail bonds are bonds used in response to behavior considered a crime. They are a process by which a detainee can post a certain amount of money to be allowed to exit police detention while they await their court date. Immigration bail bonds are usually set for individuals who are detained without the necessary visa, green card, or other forms of identification to be in the United States. If you, a friend, or a loved one have been detained and needing immigration bail bonds in Advanced Bail Bond for issues regarding immigration, contact Advanced Bail Bond today at 901-476-1125. We’ll help with information regarding immigration bail bonds!

Delivery Bail Bonds

There are two types of immigration bail bonds: a delivery bail bond and a voluntary departure bail bond. The first, a delivery bail bond, is essentially a bail amount that is placed allowing a friend or family member to function as a sponsor during the immigration process. In these cases, the bail bond is usually placed until immigration hearings are completed and the money is returned once the process has concluded. This type of bail bond does not usually involve leaving the country. With most immigration cases you’ll be working with the Department of Homeland Security rather than county authorities. Bail payments will be made to the federal authorities for release, but the basic process is similar to regular bail bonds.

Voluntary Departure Bail Bonds

The second type of immigration bail bonds, voluntary departure bail bonds, typically requires detainees to voluntarily leave the country by a certain date to have the bail money returned. In these cases, the bail money is not returned if the detainee does not leave the country by the set time. Provided the detained individual does leave the country within the designated time frame, however, the bail money is returned.

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Discovering that you, a friend, or a loved one has been detained related to an immigration issue can initially seem frightening. Many of these cases allow detainees to vacate the jail after bail is posted. In many cases, bail is considered quite low compared to bail amounts in more serious criminal cases. Most cases set bail between $500 and $1500. If there are extenuating circumstances, prior offenses, or other legal issues involved, bail can be set upwards of $10,000. However, cases such as these are rare. For more information on how to get immigration bail bonds in Advanced Bail Bond, contact Advanced Bail Bond at 901-476-1125 today! Posting bail need not be clouded in fear and uncertainty.